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We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you out.

Can I schedule recurring donations?

Yes, you can specify whether you want your contribution made weekly, twice per month, or monthly. You can set up as many schedules as you would like, so it is possible to give monthly as well as weekly concurrently.

Do I need to use my credit card to schedule recurring donations?

No, you can set up a pre-Authorized payment (PAP) authorizing Hope Church Mississauga to withdraw your donation according to your instructions. The dates of these withdrawals are limited to Weekly on Fridays, or the 1st, 15th, and/or 30th of the month. The service fees paid on PAP donations are approximately 2% less that those paid on Credit Card donations. Please download the PAP form, fill it in, print it, sign it and send it back with a void cheque to to

Will I still receive a contribution statement?

Your historical giving will be available online for you to view at any time. Charitable Tax Receipts will be mailed out the final week of February for the previous year.

Is online giving secure?

We’ve taken steps to ensure that the giving process is safe and secure from beginning to end. It is the same technology used by banks and e-commerce companies such as to keep your information safe and secure during transactions. For additional questions or for more information, contact us by email at

Can I give using e-transfer (email transfer)?

Yes, you can transfer using e-transfer. Please use the following instructions:


  • Add Hope Church Mississauga as a new e-transfer recipient with the email address
  • Skip setting a security question as Hope Church Mississauga has Auto Deposit set up.
  • As you make the transfer, select the recipient Hope Church Mississauga (that you set up in Step 1).
  • IMPORTANT : Please be sure to include the fund you want your gift to go towards by including the words General for the general fund, or TGFM for the Trusting God for More Fund. Include your Name and Address in the Message section of the transaction (we need this information in order to issue an tax receipt for this donation). We realized some online bank services limit comments to only 40 characters so please also send a separate e-mail with your name, address, and the amount of the donation separately to


Reasons for change in fiscal year from December 31 to August 31.

  • Ministry is planned from September to July/August. Having our financial year to match our ministry year will bring our planning and budgeting processes in sync with each other. This should make our budgeting more accurate.
  • Moving our largest giving month (December) away from being the last month of the fiscal year will ease the uncertainty of how the fiscal year will end. It also gives time (eight months) for adjustments to the budget (up or down) based on the generosity of the largest giving month of the year.
  • January to March is already quite busy within the finance team without considering the financial year-end and audit. The calendar year-end is busy enough with donation receipting, T4’s, HST reporting, CRA reporting, and EHT reporting. To move the financial fiscal year-end away from this same time will create capacity within the Finance Team to be able to focus on these other calendar year priorities.
  • Some years we take up a special Christmas Offering. Before the change in Fiscal Year End the offering is received in one Fiscal Year and then spent in another Fiscal Year. The change in year-end will allow the receiving of a Christmas Offering and the distributing of it to happen in the same fiscal year which will eliminate some of the accounting confusion.


Here are a few additional documents to download.