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Discipleship Summer Intern (Full Time)

Discipleship Summer Intern

Hope Church Mississauga is a diverse and down to earth church at the crossroads of four growing GTA cities, aiming to fulfill the Great Commission in the spirit of the Great Commandment. In support of this mission, the Worship Ministries Intern will work with a team of staff and volunteers to create a distraction- free live environment and online experience where people can sing God’s praise and hear from God’s word. The purpose of the summer intern program is to give interested individuals hands-on experience working in a ministry environment, and a chance to exercise their skills related to the field. The intern program also serves to compliment and further the ministry of Hope Church Mississauga, leading to an increased ability to serve the community and city of Mississauga.

Reports To: Director of Discipleship (Andrew Wong)
Employment Status: Full Time (35 hours/week), Paid Hourly ($15.00/hr)
Duration: 8 weeks, beginning June 13th, 2022 (ending August 7th, 2022)


The intern program is comprised of young men and women who attend and wholeheartedly embrace the mission of Hope Church Mississauga. Each intern should have a love for Christ and a lifestyle consistent with Titus 1 and 1 Timothy 3. He or she must be a team player who is open to receive mentoring, correction and feedback in the interest of personal development and excellence. Eligible applicants must be between the ages of 15 and 30 (as of their start date), must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or a person to whom refugee protection has been given. Applicants must have a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN). International students (non-Canadian citizens) are not eligible at this time.


The intern will assist the staff in areas of administration and volunteer organization. The intern will be trained and entrusted with the use of technology and computers for the purpose of educating and encouraging the community and city of Mississauga, and will assist in the planning and facilitation of weekly and special events that are designed to educate and encourage the community in Mississauga. Responsibilities will include (but are not limited to):

  • Teaching at the Hope Church Summer Camp (experience needed)
  • Website management and simple graphic arts design for NOTION website
  • Project and database management for Planning Center Online and Google Sheets
  • Communications and scheduling for Discipleship and Outreach Ministries
  • Formatting content (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) for Discipleship and Outreach Ministries
  • Practical Congregational Care (delivering groceries, providing transportation)
  • Personal spiritual development and mentoring through leadership and learning


The Discipleship Intern is supervised by the Director of Discipleship, in cooperation with other staff. A collaborative approach will be taken to provide the intern with coaching and training. Weekly planning and feedback meetings will be held to provide the intern with clear, measurable expectations, so the intern is able to successfully manage, deliver upon expectations, and perform in an environment that is collaborative, supportive, and challenges them. Upon completion of the internship, the intern will receive a written performance review.


This is a full-time position offering 35 hours a week for 8 weeks. Position begins June 13th. Interns will work 7 hours a day, Monday to Thursday (9:30am-4:30pm) and Sunday (8am-3pm). A strong candidate is able to think critically and creatively, is a self-starter, and is able to identify problems that need solving and realize creative contributions they can make. The intern must have good interpersonal skills, be a team player, and value open and honest communication and feedback. Interns must be flexible as some hours may flux from week to week. Having your own computer and being comfortable working in Mac OS are assets. Applicants must be currently attending Hope Church Mississauga.

This role description is not intended to be exhaustive. All staff and interns at Hope Church Mississauga are expected to be team players who are willing to flex and help as ministry needs change or new needs arise.

To apply, please email your cover letter and resume to info@hopemississauga.ca before May 29th, 2022.