Facility Rentals


Thank you for your interest in renting our facility for your event! As a Canadian charity, Hope Church must ensure that any use of our facility, including any rentals by groups or individuals, is in compliance with our bylaws. To that end, any individuals or groups interested in renting our facility must have read and agreed to our Facility Use Policy & Regulations, outlined in the document available below. Rental groups must also provide proof of their own event insurance for their event, which is further outlined on this page.

To begin investigating whether your event would meet our rental requirements, please view our Facility Use Policy & Regulations below.


Each approved Outside Applicant must provide HOPE with a certificate of comprehensive general liability insurance coverage with a combined single limit of not less than $2,000,000 naming HOPE CHURCH MISSISSAUGA as an Additional Insured. Check with your personal insurance broker for special event liability insurance their office may have available, or through your own Homeowners’, Condominium or Tenant’s Package policy.

DISCLAIMER: Linked below are three references to insurance providers who are known to offer short-term liability coverage for special events and short-term rentals. These links are provide for informational purposes only:


If you have read, understand, and agree to the terms and requirements of our facility rentals and would like to apply to rent the facility for your event, please click the button below to be taken to our online application form.

Parking Requests


If you’re travelling and require long-term parking for your vehicle, parking in our lot may be arranged. In order to avoid towing at the owner’s expense, all overnight parking of any duration requires the completion of an Overnight Parking Request Form. Free overnight parking is available for a maximum of 2 weeks, or as otherwise determined by the Facility Director. For overnight parking durations of more than 2 weeks, or for repeated intervals of overnight parking, a Long-Term Parking Request Form must be completed. Long-Term Parking in our lot will incur a fee.

Parking requests must be submitted to and approved by the church before leaving your vehicle on church property. Please use the links below to complete the applicable parking request form, and submit your completed form to info@hopemississauga.ca